“Songs From the Heart” by Ralph Sigwald


“Songs From the Heart” by Ralph Sigwald


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This CD features a collection of songs by the famed Ralph Sigwald, a winner of Horace Heidt’s Original Youth Opportunity Program. Known as “The Caruso of the South,” Ralph Sigwald’s “Songs From the Heart” are sure to delight fans of his expressive baritone voice. Remastered from original 78s, this disk includes three bonus songs not included on the original “Songs from the Heart” recording. These are Sigwald’s versions of “Dis Is Heaven To Me,” “The Lonesome Road,” and “The Lord’s Prayer.”

Track list

1. O’ Promise Me
2. The Holy City
3. Ave Maria [ Listen ]
4. The Lost Chord
5. Thine Alone
6. Dis Is Heaven To Me
7. The Rosary
8. The Lonesome Road
9. The Lord’s Prayer [ Listen ]

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