“It’s In The Book and More” by Johnny Standley


“It’s In The Book and More” by Johnny Standley


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Laugh along with the classic comedy stylings of Johnny Standley on this CD remastered from original 78s. Features five rare live tracks recorded with Horace Heidt and His Musical Knights and first released on Heidt’s Magnolia Records label. Includes the hilarious “It’s In The Book,” in which Standley deconstructs some of our favorite nursery rhymes. Immensely popular in its day, “It’s In The Book” was a million-selling single in 1952, and was the first ever comedy single to sell more than a million copies. Also features “Rock & Roll Must Go.” Perfect for those of any age who love to laugh.

Track list
1. It’s In The Book [ Listen ]
2. Clap Your Hands
3. Proud New Father
4. Who’ll It Be
5. Rock & Roll Must Go [ Listen ]

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