Horace Heidt Jr. Picture with Autograph


Horace Heidt Jr. Picture with Autograph


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Horace Heidt Picture with Autograph- will be signed by Horace Heidt personally.Horace Heidt, Jr. was born into the legacy of his famous father who became known as, “Horace Heidt, Star-Maker” because of the many talents he discovered who went on to become famous stars. Horace Heidt, Jr. learned from his father, inherited his business and carries on the fabulous reputation with his, “Horace Heidt and the Musical Knights!” Horace Heidt Estates is a very large property in Sherman Oaks, where there is a unique-type of relaxing apartment homes, some would call a “sanctuary” away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In addition to the apartment homes, there is a ballroom for large parties, and a recording studio from which Horace Heidt, Jr. tapes his weekly radio show, “America Swings” featuring major American talent like Pat Boone, Shirley Jones, Tony Martin, and Rhonda Fleming to name a few. “Horace Heidt and the Musical Knights” perform all over America, and continue the great American music of the Big Band and Swing era!

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