Horace Heidt & His Orchestra – ANYTHING GOES


Horace Heidt & His Orchestra – ANYTHING GOES


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Enjoy the sounds of Sweet band leader Horace Heidt and His Orchestra featuring clarinetist Abe Aaron, trumpeters Quig Quigley, Shorty Sherock, trombonist Warren Covington and pianist Mel Henke in 15 titles from Hindsight Records, now made available on CD for the first time.

In this album, the orchestra in the mid-40s swings. Abe Aaron, who later went on to achieve celebrity with Les Brown’s Band of Renown was particularly brilliant in a manner reminiscent of Artie Shaw on WHERE OR WHEN, and DOWN AMONG THE SHELTERING PALMS, while the late Quig Quigley, shines, as well, playing trumpet and singing the near ancient evergreen, I WISH I COULD SHIMMY LIKE MY SISTER KATE. And there are solos by Warren Covington, trombone; Clarence (Shorty) Sherock, trumpet: and Mel Henke, piano, which confirms that this Heidt aggregation was much more than strictly a combination show-dance orchestra.

All 15 titles on this recording are taken from 16-inch transcriptions made for radio stations subscribing to a music service. Many thanks to Horace Heidt, Jr. for preserving these valuable transcriptions at the Horace Heidt Big Band Museum located in Sherman Oaks, California.

1. By the Waters of the Minnetonka
2. Where or When Listen
3. Anything Goes
4. Now Is the Hour
5. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate Listen
6. Riding to Glory on a Trumpet
7. This Day
8. Down Among the Sheltering Palms Listen
9. I Love You
10. Can’t We Be Friends
11. Hour of Parting
12. Asleep in the Deep
13. Cecilia
14. Daybreak
15. Alexander’s Ragtime Band

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