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Excepting one number, “I’m Telling The World That I Love You,” on Victor 21568, these selections constitute the entire recorded output of Horace Heidt and his Orchestra in the 1920s. The tunes appear here in catalogue order, which varies slightly from the actual recording dates.

It is not intended that one should think of this group as a jazz band, as is the case with Ted Weems, Blue Steele, Ray Miller, et al. However, their potential was there to such a degree that they rated a good mention in Brian Rust’s “Jazz Record Books,” Volume 1. The tempo, arrangements, and occasional hot solos make this recording a welcome addition to any collection.

Featured players include Warren Lewis, Jerry Browne, Paul Knox, Clarence Moore, David Phennig, Harold Plummer, Harold “Dinty” Moore, Lee Lykins, Charles Midgely, Charles Bradshaw, Art Thorsen and Lee Fleming.

1. I’ll Love You In My Dreams/Hello Cutie! [ Listen ]
2. Mine
3. Golden Gate
4. What A Wonderful Wedding That Will Be!
5. Get ‘Em In A Rumble Seat
6. Wait A Little Longer, Lovebird
7. Every Evening
8. I Still Love You
9. Cuddle Up A Little Closer [ Listen ]
10. I Love You Truly
11. Ploddin’ Along
12. Stairway of Dreams
13. The Wedding Of The Painted Doll
14. I’m Ka-razy For You
15. Turn On The Heat
16. Melancholy/I’ll Love You In My Dreams [ Listen ]

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