Horace Heidt & His Musical Knights – GREATEST HITS


Horace Heidt & His Musical Knights – GREATEST HITS


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The World Famous Horace Heidt Orchestra, better known as The Musical Knights, is considered one of the most successful, and definitely most overlooked, Big Bands of the Big Band Era. Through five decades, The Musical Knights has been comprised of some of the most famous and talented musicians of the Era. Horace Heidt also had a great eye for talent and helped on the road to fame many of this countries most successful entertainers. His motto is Building Boys is Better than Mending Men. His most famous find was Academy Award winner Art Carney who originally was one of the Don Juans.

This recording features most of Horace Heidt`s most famous Stars. Al Hirt, Alvino Rey, Dick Contino (Accordion), Donna and her Don Juans, Emily Stevenson, Frank DeVol, Frankie Carle, Fred Lowery (Whistler), Gordon MacRae, Johnny Standley, The King Sisters, Larry Cotton, Pete Candoli, Ralph Sigwald, Red Nichols, The Swingsters and the Triple Tonguing Trumpeteers are featured throughout the recording.

Horace Heidt`s Greatest Hits is made up of songs personally selected by Horace Heidt as his favorites. Each song has an introduction recorded by the Maestro himself and all tunes are either from the Library of Magnolia Records, the family record label, or from Radio Broadcasts which were preserved on Air Checks and transferred to this Recording. Building A Band to the tune of The Bells of St. Mary’s is narrated by Horace and was his favorite Novelty Number used in Stage Shows throughout his career. It`s In The Book, recorded by Johnny Standley, sold over seven million copies and was one of the nation`s first hit comedy singles. Hot Lips features three of the greatest trumpet players of all time-Red Nichols, Pete Candoli and Al Hirt. Deep in the Heart of Texas, featuring Frank DeVol, was a gold record seller. Gordon MacRae was one of the Don Juans featured with Larry Cotton in I Don`t Want To Set The World On Fire, a number one POP Hit in 1941. Lady of Spain showcases one of the greatest entertaining accordion players of all time, Dick Contino-the Rudolph Valentino of the Accordion. The Lord`s Prayer, a song that closed each of Mr. Heidt`s television shows on NBC, was recorded by the Caruso of the South, Ralph Sigwald.
Horace Heidt, Jr.

1. Blue Danube
2. Building A Band (Horace Heidt and The Musical Knights) Listen
3. Tea For Two (Piano/Frankie Carle)
4. Riding To Glory ( Triple Tonguing Trumpeters)
5. It’s In The Book (Johnny Standley) Listen
6. Hot Lips (Al Hirt, Pete Candoli and Red Nichols) Listen
7. Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Frank DeVol) Listen
8. I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire (Larry Cotton)
9. Hawaii By The Sea (Alvino Rey and The King Sisters)
10. Hut Sut Serenade (Donna & the Don Juans “Art Carney”)
11. Little Sir Echo (Larry Cotton)
12. Whistling Cowboy (Fred Lowery)
13. Lady Of Spain (Dick Contino)
14. Lord’s Prayer (Ralph Sigwald)
15. I’ll Love You In My Dreams

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